Bizagi scores $48m Private Equity investment

Bizagi scores $48m Private Equity investment

‘Digital Process Automation’ platform vendor Bizagi has secured a $48m minority investment from private equity firm Invus. It plans to use the cash to fund acceleration in the territories it’s currently seeing significant growth in: the US and Europe.

Bizagi is already growing strongly in the US, Europe (and Latin America). It’s growing from a small base, but for example in the US it’s quadrupled its salesforce over the past year.

The company is finally grasping the nettle of shifting its products to the cloud, and is doing so thoughtfully – for example, launching premium cloud services aimed directly at the millions of users of the free Bizagi Modeler product, rather than hoping that free Modeler users will ‘upgrade’ to a full automation platform (as used to be the case).

With its 11.1 recent platform release earlier this summer, Bizagi added support for storage and management of business data separately from process instance data (‘Datasets’) – which can then be used as raw material for new inbuilt predictive analytics; the ability for process performers to design and use simple process models and associated forms from within the production environment, without needing to use Bizagi’s separate design/development tools (‘Live Processes’); and the ability to design and deploy simple reponsive web portals that can embed elements of Bizagi applications (‘Sites’). It’s not standing still.

You might recall me arguing on a number of occasions that no, BPM still isn’t dead; although organisations are engaging with it differently (and for different reasons). Here’s more evidence.

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