Being aware is always the first step against unwanted risk

Being aware is always the first step against unwanted risk

The challenge of the day is not to keep us defended to all forms of inadvertent actions or behavior but to educate or institute security awareness and preparedness to the end user. Most of the people are well-informed of the security risk yet they don’t know the surrounding effect if and when it happens.

According to Kevin Prince, “being aware is always the first step”.

Security is considered now a tangible and intangible part of the business. It is tangible in a sense since all components were set up by an IT and hand over the rest of the data or information (intangible) to the user (yet – we know, each of us has our blind spots, causing us to miss things). The only time IT would be notified if there’s anything going wrong when things are already comprised.

Over the last years, data breaches have reached some pivotal considerations on how data should be taken care of. IT infrastructure changes over time which can lead and open to possibility (of new vulnerabilities) if nothing has changed on the system in place. It is not new to us that new methods of attack are invented daily, so what was secure yesterday may not secure us today.

The statistic presents the recorded number of data breaches and records exposed in the United States between 2005 and 2015. In the last measured year, the number of data breaches in the United States amounted to 781 with close to 169.07 million records exposed.

We held accountable for maintaining the security and privacy of the data entrusted to us. This is what we desire and want to achieve as an organization. Thus, data loss prevention and data privacy awareness must be put in place.

What is DLP and Data Privacy Awareness?

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a strategy for making sure that end users do not send sensitive or critical information outside the corporate network. The term is also used to describe software products that help a network administrator control what data end users can transfer.

Data Privacy Awareness (DPA) is an initiative and held every year to promote and raise awareness for numerous privacy issues and the importance of protecting personal information.

Security and Privacy are the name of game. Most of the companies come up and embrace on that solid ground to ascertain us that we are safe and protected in all shapes and rounds.

Here’s the hard truth.

No person or business is without risk

Reflection: We can have security without privacy awareness, but we can’t have privacy without security awareness.

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  1. Raj Fowler says:

    Great article Vincent and totally agree. A significant part is the education and awareness of the enterprise.

    People are sometimes the first line of defence.

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