B2B Growth Hacking 2 of 3 Getting Ready

Getting Ready

OK so you have a B2B product/service you need to growth hack so let’s do the first things first…there are some things we need to know and some things we need to do…

The first post in this series is here by the way….

B2B Growth Hacking Task List

Fact Find

What is your primary geography – The UK? USA? Needless to say this affects the growth hacking approach needed. Google is very dominant in the UK with an 86.94% market share according to statista.com but is much less dominant in the US with a market share of 63.6%.

What is your target company size – 1-10 employees? More than 1,000? Smaller companies tend to have low barriers to purchase but can be very price sensitive whereas big companies will have the resources but can be very difficult and bureaucratic to transact with given their approval cycles…

What is the target “subject area” if there is one? Google Analytics talks about in market segments like Travel/Hotels & Accommodations, Software/Business & Productivity Software, Employment/Career Consulting Services…

What is the target customer role? CEO? Head of? Manager of people? Don’t make the mistake of assuming that your B2B service will only be purchased top down. A lot of products/services can be adopted by teams/individuals bottom up.

What is the target customer persona? Is there a demographic that your typical customers fit given the nature of your product/service?

Site Pages

HTML5 responsive web site – we need landing pages and a funnel. Can be existing or new.

LinkedIn individual/company page – an effective LinkedIn presence is very important in a B2B context.

Facebook company page – depends a bit on target customer persona but Facebook can be an important weapon in our armoury.

Twitter page/account – should probably be part of the toolkit but results can be underwhelming.

Instagram/Pinterest account – nice to have and generally underused in B2B growth hacking.


Has a Google account been created?

Has the Google Analytics JavaScript code been added to each page on the web site?

Has the interim.team Growth Hacker been added to the account?

Has a goal been created? An alternative is to set up a funnel in Hotjar (see later).

What is the daily/weekly/monthly session and conversion baseline?

Visitor behaviour (usage heatmaps, session recording, conversion funnels)

Has a tool like Hotjar been implemented? Implementation can be as easy as adding a JavaScript script tag to each page (in the same way Google Analytics is implemented).


Has an email list management list tool such as MailChimp been implemented?

Search Engine Optimisation

Ten’ish target keyword phrases to generate search engine traffic need to be selected.

Using the Google Keyword Planner or similar tool the optimum search phrases need to be selected.

2 – 4 word phrases will probably be optimum. Single words will be too generic and competitive.

Ideal phrases take the form <actions><product/service key benefit> For example interim.team is working with Workteam which is SaaS software that helps companies and managers improve employee engagement. A good keyword target phrase for Workteam might be “increase employee engagement”.

Optimum keywords are the ones that deliver maximum traffic at minimum competition levels. The Google tool will tell you the average search volume and AdWords Cost Per Click bids which is a good proxy for how competitive the phrases are.

One of our other posts here shows you how to track your keyword positions for free (the best known web site charges $150/month).


A draft content creation and publishing plan needs to be created.

What kind of content will be created and what “voice” will it use?

Who/how will the “foundation” content be created?

Who/how will the “front of mind” content be created?

Why not give us a shout on [email protected] or +44 (0) 800 246 5735 for a friendly informal chat about growth hacking?

At the time of writing interim.team is #1,#2,#3 and #4 on Google UK for “interim growth hacker” and we have lots of happy (and more successful) clients we can tell you about…




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