B2B Growth Hacking 1 of 3 – Start Here

B2B Growth Hacking 1 of 3 – Start Here

B2B Growth Hacking – Bad News, Good News

Bad News

B2B growth hacking is hard. Really hard. There is probably a relatively small number of people you need to talk to in a B2B marketing context and they are probably difficult to reach. To reach them we’re going to need to use laser guided bombs rather than the blanket bombing approach typically applied in B2C growth hacking. A lot of the “go to” approaches in B2C growth hacking (such as competitions/referral programs) don’t work so well in a B2B context when people are normally procuring on behalf of their organisation.

Good News

All we need to do is put something interesting/useful in front of potential customers. How hard can that be right? All we need to do is ​Identify –> Target –> Influence –> Contact –> (Meet) –> Convert.

Before We Start

Target Market

The first thing you need to do is to decide who your potential customers are – and it’s not as easy as it sounds. interim.team will be working with a cool new start up called Workteam (who provide SaaS HR software that is actually really easy to use and is designed to improve employee engagement rather than irritate employees) so in a B2B growth hacking context who will be “target market”? CEOs/MDs? HR Directors? IT Directors? Employees? (It all comes down to who is accountable for the benefit the new product/service brings but more on that another time…)

Design your product/service

In an ideal world we would start with clearly identified customers and needs and then design the product/service and growth hacking strategy. We can then think about optimum SEO/content/URL/referral approach before we build anything but in the real world we tend to get called (+44 (0) 800 246 5735) after the MVP has been built and customers are needed – now!

Getting going

OK so you have a B2B product/service you need to growth hack and you know who your target customers are so let’s do the first things first…

Part 2 coming soon…watch this space…


Why not give us a shout on hello@interim.team or +44 (0) 800 246 5735 for a friendly informal chat about growth hacking?

At the time of writing interim.team is #1,#2,#3 and #4 on Google UK for “interim growth hacker” and we have lots of happy (and more successful) clients we can tell you about…

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