Azure IoT Hub & Stream Analytics, The Manhattans Project | 10th Magnitude

Azure IoT Hub & Stream Analytics, The Manhattans Project | 10th Magnitude

In this episode of the Manhattans Project, Mitesh Patekar, one of 10th Magnitude’s Cloud Application Development Consultants, joins me to talk about how to get started with Azure IoT Hub and integrate Azure Stream Analytics. What does the IoT Hub change in your development cycle? How can you ensure data is moving smoothly with Stream Analytics? Let’s find out! Here are some highlights from our chat:

Mitesh: There are plenty of Azure services out there, and a positive of Azure is that you’re not locked into a single solution when creating a custom cloud. When Azure IoT Hub came online, it was specifically designed for IoT-based applications. Take managing device identity for instance. Azure Event Hubs doesn’t have that ability, but IoT Hub does. Event Hubs didn’t have the ability to provide bi-directional communication between your devices and the cloud, but now you can utilize IoT Hub to manage those communications.



Michael: Can you tell us how you, as a cloud application developer, use Azure IoT Hub?

Mitesh: In my case, I’ll use a simple Raspberry Pi example to explain. There’s a Windows 10 IoT core in the device, and we write a deployable code for it which allows it to collect and emit data which is then packaged into a JSON object. That’s your data entry, like measuring water from a sprinkler. We have that object sent into IoT Hub, from that and any number of other devices. When you get one of these JSON objects into IoT Hub, that’s when you integrate Stream Analytics into your solution because you need to process the data. Stream Analytics would allow you to query the data, filter it, and then export it into something like a Power BI dashboard.
So you go from all of this raw data, into Stream Analytics, which allows you to work with the data as needed, and then assess it. It’s this bi-directional communication that makes IoT Hub and Stream Analytics so important to your solutions.


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