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Sandeep Raut

3 Building blocks for Digital Transformation

Leading transformation influencer Sandeep Raut shares three building blocks for Digital Transformation: Integration, Insights & Impact. Read his article for deeper analysis.


How Digital Transformation has helped healthcare industry.

The digital transformation storm is sweeping various businesses like retail, banking, insurance, media, and travel and has entered into our personal lives. Another industry that has joined the above list by being hit by...

How to get your employees glued up on the Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation allows your organization to adapt to a competing business environment and meet sustainable growth goals. We can change our technologies, our infrastructure, and our processes. But without addressing the human element, lasting...

Digital transformation

User Experience Design – a key to Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is moving any company into the future. Well, this statement is true for Disney, Nestle, Apple, Amazon and other leaders as they focused mostly on the customer/user experience.   Digital Transformation is in almost every c-level...

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