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Robin Smith

Cyber Security


The rise of cyber risks is placing the average stressed-out CISO in further peril. With mega-hacks hitting organisations, how can we deliver security improvements when the resource base is already under such strain? Is it possible to reduce the overheads arising from updated cyber security strategies and associated implementation plans?
There might be an answer. Cyber security strategy planning must become lean and integrate with business improvement planning to ensure it meets these demands. Within both the NHS and Police Service many CISOs are pursuing leaner strategies to secure the organisation whilst limiting resource demand.

Cloud Computing

Combatting Future Security Risks to Cloud Services

We live in an expanding digital universe. Each year zettabytes of data are added to global information asset holdings according to recent analysis by IDC, expanding the potential attack surface for highly organised cyber criminals.
The digital universe increases in complexity continually, requiring cyber security practitioners to address a fundamental problem; how do we ensure this deluge of data is protected to the highest standards in the age of the mega-hack? The proliferation of data breaches during the last decade, including the 2017 Equifax breach which saw 144 million financial records extricated by highly motivated cyber criminals, highlights the limits of defensive cyber security.

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