Author: Peter G. Goral

Retail IT

3 Ways IoT for Retail is Improving the In-Store Experience

We’ve covered how the Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming industries like logistics and utility/green energy companies, but haven’t yet explored its impact on the retail space, specifically when it comes to inventory management....

4 Tech Trends Shaping Customer Service in 2016 and Beyond

Even though tech and customer expectations shift over time, causing changes in customer service, the core qualities of good service remain the same.  The customer must find answers quickly and be satisfied with their experience/result. Companies must manage the experience/satisfaction/service relationships, which is especially difficult given the pace of recent trends.

6 Tips for Integrating Business Intelligence Solutions with Your CRM


In the age of Big Data, companies are pushing to collect and analyze as many data sources as possible so they can enrich the customer experience and drive sales. One way to gather rich data is by integrating Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools with business intelligence (BI) platforms. CRM provides companies with customer-centric data that directly relates to satisfaction, engagement, and experience metrics – while BI can add an additional layer to present this data in a meaningful and actionable way.


How to Choose the Right Content Management System for Your Business

When selecting a CMS solution, it’s first wise to detail what problems your organization has currently, and how a CMS can assist. Look at it from an operational efficiency and customer experience perspective, instead of solely an IT or management perspective. If for example IT recommends a solution mainly because it’s easy to work with, be sure the CMS is full featured and will allow your team to be more efficient and offer your website visitors an amazing experience.

Perhaps your remote sales teams struggle with pulling on-demand resources to help close deals. Then you need a cloud-based CMS where documents are properly organized and accessible. The key is to have a roadmap around what the CMS can and should do for the organization in the short term, and the longer-term goals.

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