Author: Nic James Jennings

Is it a Culture Thing? | Michał Sztanga, MD, Future Processing

David Savage speaks with Michal Sztanga about culture and the important role it plays in their decisions to work with partners. Michal explains how they apply soft skills to find likeness with their clients, leveraging their similarities to foster productive relationships between stakeholders.

Unpacking Quantum Computing | Simon McAdams, Business Development Manager, Cambridge Quantum Computing

The field of quantum computing has long been an area of interest for the technology industry and beyond. Recent research suggests 1/10 companies have invested in the development of quantum computing. Cambridge Quantum Computing is an early player in the space, working with their customers to leverage the current innovations. David Savage sat down with Simon McAdams to discuss the latest advancements and how quantum is being applied practically.

Unleashing The Modern Workplace

We’re living in a time where remote working, team chats, video conferencing and gifs are all part of workplace communications. CIO WaterCooler TV sat down with RingCentral’s Daniel Yin, Head of Product & Innovation. Daniel speaks about the trends driving the UCaaS market, the challenges and opportunities.

‘Drones, Clones & Russian Hackers’ at CIO WaterCooler LIVE London

Mark Ridley has been a top 100 CIO, co-technical founder of These days he runs his own consultancy, Ridley Industries, where he helps a range of clients from start-ups to tech leaders. Ahead of his talk at CIO WaterCooler LIVE London, our Content Director, Nic Jennings spoke with him about his 2019 Tech Trends.

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