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Michael Gibson

Highlights from Microsoft //Build/ 2016, Epicenter | 10th Magnitude

10th Magnitude consultants Scott Nowicki and Nate Burleson attended Microsoft’s Build 2016 developer conference and came away thinking, ”It’s a new Microsoft, for sure. It’s a different company.” In this video, they share their top Build highlights in a lunch and learn session with the 10th Magnitude team.


Encrypting Settings at Rest in Azure Service Fabric | 10th Magnitude

Included with every Microsoft Azure Service Fabric Actor and Service is a nice little settings.xml file that you may have considered using to store configuration values for your actors and services. Unfortunately, the documentation on how this file can be used is a bit lacking, so after hitting my head against it for a couple days, I figured out how it can be used so you don’t have to!

Cloud Computing

An Intro to DC/OS on Azure, Epicenter | 10th Magnitude

In this Epicenter video, Ryan Lee, Cloud Consultant at 10th Magnitude, and contributor to the DC/OS project at Mesosphere, demos how to install DC/OS on Azure, how to get frameworks like Spark and Kafka...

Cloud Computing

Epicenter: A New Technical Webseries | 10th Magnitude

We are incredibly happy to announce a new webseries from 10th Magnitude! Joining “The Manhattans Project,” our casual cloud discussion series, “Epicenter” is a new video series that will offer more technical and instructional...

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