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John Coleman

So, what is organizational agility? 2022 UPDATE

I learn all the time, and 2021 taught me a lot. Based on those lessons, I’d like to share an update on what organizational agility means to me in 2022. I hope you find...

How can Scrum with Kanban help people solve complex problems?

Let’s approach this from a slightly different angle by looking at how Scrum with Kanban can help people deal with complexity. Complexity often requires collaboration, not necessarily between teams, but between groups, crews, or...

What is organizational agility

​So what is organizational agility?

Have you ever noticed people keep talking about things, but they’ve not aligned with what their words mean? I have seen agility measured as the number of “agile teams” and the “number of training...

Retrospectives with system modelling

I would argue that sometimes, at retrospectives maybe the best thing we can do is to try to better understand “the system”, and for that system modelling seems like a very good approach to me.

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