Author: John Coleman

How do Nexus and LeSS differ?

Are Nexus (Scrum) and Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) related somehow? What do they have in common? How do they differ?

Retrospectives with system modelling

I would argue that sometimes, at retrospectives maybe the best thing we can do is to try to better understand “the system”, and for that system modelling seems like a very good approach to me.

Mirror mirror on the wall…

John Coleman does an opinion piece on scaling patterns and none

The goal of this article is to discuss the usefulness of patterns for synchronizing multiple teams.


Kanbaning your Scrum (3 of 3)

John Coleman uses Toyota Kata to add horse-power to flow based retrospectives or service delivery reviews.


Kanbaning your Scrum (2 of 3)

John Coleman continues to optimize work the flow of the delivery of customer value, this time with more complicated work.

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