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enterprise architecture

Demystifying Enterprise Architecture

The history of Architecture in the IT world stems from the need to have scalable systems with  re-usable components that simply the process of building, deploying and maintaining enterprise systems, whilst taking care of...


Traditional Banking Model on the verge on extinction….

That banks are not keen to lend to individuals and small businesses is no longer news around the world. In the US, the biggest banks are making far fewer loans to small businesses than...

CIO Leadership

CIO Insight: How to Sell to a Board of Directors

I recently attended the CIO 100 Awards event at Enashapai, Naivasha, Kenya and was honoured to be part of a panel that was discussing an interesting topic on how IT Leaders can sell to...

Role of the CIO

Threats to CIO Role – Emerging Opportunities

The IT industry is truly an ever changing trendy field that churns out new stuff every year. As technologies and trends rise and some die, so do the human capital roles needed to manage...

Cloud Computing

Get the Basics Right before Implementing Cloud Computing

  The hype and excitement around cloud computing continues to rise in leaps and bounds across the world with attention coming from all quarters. The move though hasn’t been fast enough and there still...


The Dos and Don’ts of Mobile Commerce 

The demand for design and development of mobile commerce solutions is on the rise across the globe and won’t slow down anytime soon. As of 2015, research indicates that there were 1.6 million apps available for download in Google Play and 1.5 million on Apple App Store. The demand is especially high in Africa and Asia where mobile penetration is astoundingly high. It’s a daily routine across the world, with excited marketers and individuals waking up with an app dream and a mission to change the world. After weeks and weeks of development and burning resources, it soon dawns on the app owners that it was just an idea afterall with zero uptake. East Africa is even a more interesting market place where, with the success of M-PESA, an inset belief set in that ascribes to the school of thought that any M- christened mobile commerce initiative should be an instant hit.

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