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Ian Moyse

‘Why 700 Is The Magic Number Of 5G Mass Adoption‘

Ian Moyse, Industry Cloud Influencer There is no doubt that 5G has become a technology evolution that surpasses the 1st impression it made. When 5G was 1st announced the immediate perceived improvement was that...

Automated Robotics

Our Robot Friend …. or Foe ?

As in my prior commentary, AI is coming to be an everyday term not only from the science fiction of movies, but increasingly from the realities of our everyday lives. Many debates are in...

the AI question

To AI or Not to AI that is the Question

When we look at what AI is meant to be; ‘the mechanisation of the behaviour of human thought’  ; the ability for a machine to behave in a humanlike fashion, making autonomous decisions based on reasoning, to have thought that leads to smart decisions and hence improved outcomes, ideally better than a real intelligence could achieve. We seek this for advantage, not because we are not capable, but if achieved, a machine can operate faster, assimilate more data, do it for longer and in a way that human factors such as tiredness, stress and emotion will not affect.

Trust machines

Human Trust : Machine Over Man

Trust is a big thing – Trust is defined as: choosing to make what’s important to you, vulnerable to the actions of someone else. Human interactions are finely balanced and many psychological aspects come into...

Turn 5G On, Or You May Be Turn

Ian Moyse, Industry Cloud Influencer Two small characters, one big impact. 5G is something we have all heard as if it’s the commonest term in tech and yet it is still in its infancy...

With Great Data There Comes Great Responsibility

Data is the new oil of business and managing, protecting and securing it in an effective manner is critical to us all. 2020 has changed this game with more dispersed data & and increased threat landscape.

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