Clive Longbottom | - Part 2

Clive Longbottom

Observations from Hitachi Strategy Session day.

Hitachi has decided to pull together skills and capabilities across its divisions in order to provide a comprehensive IoT strategy. Called Lumada, can this have the impact that Hitachi want it to – or will Hitachi’s ‘stealth marketing’ be its Achilles’ Heel?

IBM – something old, something new, something borrowed, still Big Blue?

IBM recently held its customer event, Edge, is Las Vegas. Although totally new announcements were a little thin on the ground, there were various items that are newsworthy. Starting with the old. IBM continues to bang the ‘Innovation’ drum that it has been banging for the best part of twenty years. Quocirca has long cautioned…


There’s more to a container than, well, a container.

It seems that virtual machines (VMs) are so last year. A new ship has sailed in and docked – it’s a container ship and it is full of Dockers (as well as Rkts and Mesos). The idea of containerisation is taking hold – the promise of a lighter means of dealing with applications enabling much…


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