Author: Chris Weston


Developer price per day doesn’t matter, guys

I can only imagine that LinkedIn has somehow flagged me as someone who employs software developers, because I’m getting a lot of random requests from offshore dev teams at the...

IT Skills

Can you exploit Skills-as-a-Service?

The ability to buy software, infrastructure and platforms on a pay-per-use basis has transformed the way organisations think about their technology investments. How do we enable our teams to flex in response to this environment?

Corporate IT

Lessons from Brexit for Corporate IT

Do the following phrases ring any bells? “We’ve all had enough of experts” “The bureaucratic centre is over-complicated and inefficient, we don’t get out anywhere near what we pay in”...

data security

Time to take data security seriously

I’ve been talking about the subject of information security weaknesses in smart buildings for a while now, and maybe it’s coincidence, or maybe just an example of the Baader-Meinhof effect, but the news around this has appeared to be getting noisier recently.

If you liked Y2K, you’ll love Brexit!

  It was only a few days ago that I spoke to someone about Y2K and realised they were too young to remember the Millennium Bug. That’s a sobering moment,...

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