Author: Angela Ashenden

Slack nurtures its Amazing Teams in London

Last week I attended Slack’s Amazing Teams event in London – the first customer event that the real-time communications flavour-of-the-month has hosted in the UK. Because this was the first one, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was impressed by the way the event was structured and organised, and particularly with how it balanced  the need to support existing Slack adopters with a marketing remit.

Headlining the show was April Underwood, Slack’s VP of Product, who delivered the key corporate positioning, emphasising Slack’s mission “to make peoples working lives simpler, more pleasant and more productive”.


Think “initiative” not “project” for collaboration success

It’s widely recognised now that successfully improving collaboration within an organisation doesn’t happen by itself; while social collaboration technologies might share some common characteristics with public social networking services like Facebook and Twitter, you simply aren’t going to get company-wide levels of adoption purely through “viral” methods. You need to invest in an adoption strategy to make it work, with the understanding that what you are aiming for is not just adoption of the tools, but business change.

Slack: What we know so far

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Social collaboration software: helping make the world smaller

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