Author: Andrew Pryor

CIO Survey

CIO Survey: The Changing Shape of IT

A few weeks ago in partnership with MWD Advisors, we conducted a survey of CIOs on the ‘Changing Shape of IT’, we’re delight to be able to share with you...

Corporate It

Survey: The changing shape of corporate IT

Digital technologies and business products, services, processes and models are more intertwined than ever. Whether you want to think of the impacts of cloud platforms, machine learning, robotic automation, citizen...

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Survey: How digitally enabled are our CIOs?

In the soon to be release copy of the CIO WaterCoolers’ Digital Transformation Survey 2016, we’ve been asking CIOs their views on how important digital transformation is to their organisations.


To establish how ‘digitally enabled’ their organisation currently, we asked if they agreed or disagreed with a series of statements.


Changes can be quickly implemented and adopted for people, processes, tools modificationsChart1DigitallyEnabled

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