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Andrew P. Ayres MBA


Mastering the Art of Digital Disruption

Over the past few months we’ve been publishing articles linked to the need for CIOs in ‘customer-obsessed’ organisations to deliver ‘quality at speed’ a topic very close to our hearts at ROQ. We’ve covered...


The Cultural Basis for Digital Disruption

At our upcoming CIO Spotlight event (details here) we’ll be discussing how firms are ‘Mastering the Art of Digital Disruption’ and placing innovation centre-stage to drive game-changing results to their organisation. It’s a topic...


Kickstart your Drive for Quality at Speed

The first in our series of articles on Digital Disruption (found here) was intended as a ‘scene-setter’ – highlighting the key drivers for a move to deliver well-engineered and high-quality software at speed. In...

Software Quality

The Need for Speed (and Quality)

Over the past few years, it’s become clear that software sits at the heart of many digital transformation efforts and that CIOs in leading organisations are apportioning a greater percentage of their discretionary spending...

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