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Role of the CIO

Overcoming Reticence To Drive Technology Adoption

As the newly appointed head of information technology (IT) at Monarch Aircraft Engineering (MAEL), I’ve been evaluating where the business is today and where it aims to be in five years, and I am...


How To Create An IT Strategy

As an IT leader, you will undoubtedly be asked by your organisation to create an IT strategy at some point. A strategy is defined as a plan of action, designed to achieve a long-term...

Information Security

Securing Your Organisation Through Education

Education is the key to securing your organisation I have been planning on writing an article on security for some time, given the wide scope of the topic however I was unsure where to...

Bimodal IT

The controversial subject of Bimodal IT

This topic is bound to split the room and that, in some ways, is why I decided to write an article on it. I’m not saying I think Bimodal is a good model to...


CIO Insight: Demonstrating the value of IT

In my previous articles, I have discussed that as part of an IT professional’s evolution there would be a need for demonstrating value. I’ve since had a couple of emails from various people at...

Cloud Computing

CIO Insight: Why I decided to embrace the Cloud

This article explains my thoughts on the rise of cloud technology. Although largely based on facts some of the information is formed purely from my own experience and therefore should be seen as subjective. Society...

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